Error when signing into TurningPoint

The Digital Education Office is aware of an issue with TurningPoint in which users are unable to log in, and receive the error message shown below. We are currently investigating and will provide an update soon.

TurningPoint Sign In Failed: Received an 'Unauthorized' (401) status code while attempting to call URL

We apologise for any inconvenience.

TurningPoint Upgrade – July 2017

In the week starting Monday 3 July, we will upgrade TurningPoint to the latest version, which allows students to vote using their own devices, such as smartphones or laptops, as well as the usual keypads or clickers.

This upgrade will take place in conjunction with the University move to Office 2016, as the version of TurningPoint that we are currently using is not compatible with Office 2016. The new version is very similar to the current version, but it does have one significant difference – in order to run a poll, a licence is required. We have purchased a number of licences to cover the anticipated use of TurningPoint this year. Each licence will have a University email address associated with it and a password, used to log in when running a poll.

Each school that uses TurningPoint will have a general licence to be loaned out to staff for use in teaching sessions, much as the handsets are currently. Please contact your school office for details of the school licence, or to request having an individual licence assigned if you use it very regularly.

The TurningPoint receivers will also require an upgrade to the new version. The first time a receiver is plugged into a PC running the new version, a message will appear, stating that the receiver requires an update. If this happens, you should proceed with the update, which will mean that the receiver will no longer work with the old version of TurningPoint.

A short video showing how to get started with the new version is available here:

For further information, please contact the TELED Team:

TurningPoint 5 upgrade – 23 June

This is a reminder that there will be a University wide upgrade to TurningPoint 5 on Monday (23 June). Users should note:

 1. Any older version will be removed and TurningPoint 5 installed instead. In some cases it may take a few days for the upgrade to appear. However, if you still do not have TurningPoint 5 by Friday 27 June the advice is to notify
2. TurningPoint 5 presents some interface changes. We therefore strongly recommend that users watch this 10 minute video which will explain five things you need to know before using TurningPoint 5 for the first time.

TurningPoint v5 upgrade – 23 June 2014

On Monday 23 June there will be a University wide upgrade to TurningPoint version 5. Users and support staff should note that:

  1. There are a few key interface changes in TurningPoint v5 which end users should understand before they use it. A link to a short video explaining these will be circulated shortly.
  2. All existing installations of TurningPoint on University managed PCs will be automatically updated so you do not need to do anything. To check if you have one of these, refer to
  3. It many take a day or two for the update to appear on your PC. If, however, you do not have it by Friday 27 June you should email
  4. We strong advise that all existing installations on non University manage PCs (e.g. home computers) are also updated so that they are running the same version. Further guidance on this will be available in the next few days.