Blackboard and QMP upgrades and other TEL developments

There are a number of technology enhanced learning (TEL) developments happening this year, including upgrades of both Blackboard and Questionmark during the summer. 

The Blackboard upgrade will take place between Tuesday 22nd July and Friday 25th July. Questionmark will be upgraded during the week beginning Monday 11th August.

Further information is on the TEL website.

Important update – Wimba Create licence

The licence code for Wimba Create will expire on 12 March 2014. To address this, all instances of Wimba Create on University-managed PCs will be automatically upgraded to the latest and final release of Wimba Create (v2.6.1) over the next few days. This version includes the new licence code.

This means users do not need to do anything. If, however, your instance of Wimba Create or its licence code does not upgrade automatically, the advice is to log out of your machine at the end of the day but leave it switched on. This is because updates are pushed out during the night. If after several attempts at this you still do not have the latest version or licence code, contact

Users with Wimba Create installed on non-University PCs, such as personal computers at home, can get the latest version of the software and licence code from the Blackboard course called ‘Wimba Create’. For  information on how to access that, visit

Users should also note that the newer version of Wimba Create presents no changes for end users. The key difference is that it works with MS Office up to 2013 (rather than 2010).


Dear colleague

Blackboard (who own Wimba) recently announced that they will cease to support Wimba Create on 31 December 2014. Development of the product has already stopped and the final version of the software has been released.

Please visit the webpage below for information on the significant implications of this for users. We hope to identify and implement a suitable replacement product so the web page also explains:

  1. how you can follow progress with the replacement activity

  2. how you can feed in your requirements for a replacement product

  3. who to contact for further information

Best regards

Technology Enhanced Learning Team