Blackboard Mobile Learn

We have recently purchased the Blackboard Mobile Learn building block. Blackboard Mobile Learn makes the VLE accessible on mobile devices, without the need for interface or course redesign by staff.  Students can browse Blackboard in an interface designed to be used on mobile devices and participate in activities, add multimedia to blogs and discussion boards, view grades and check for alerts and updates to indicate recently marked work or activity in a group project.  Students will be able to browse reading lists and other information posted in Blackboard while in the library, prepare for seminars and group tutorials while on the bus or train and download and listen to podcasts and audio feedback on their way home.[1]  The additional functionality of Blackboard Mobile Learn could support off campus activities such as field trips.

For a sneak preview of how Blackboard Mobile Learn looks see:

Future updates on Blackboard Mobile Learn will be circulated to subscribers to our “BB Mobile” Category.

[1] A full specification of Blackboard Mobile Learn is available from:
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