Minimise impact of issues in live online teaching sessions

The DEO has gathered together some tips on minimising the impact of issues in live online teaching sessions.  This includes steps you can take beforehand to reduce the likelihood of issues, as well as things you can do during and after sessions, together with links to useful resources.  The document has been put together partly in response to questions we have received from colleagues in the first few days of teaching.  If you have any comments or suggestions please do let us know at 

PDF files not opening correctly in Blackboard from Chrome and Edge

This issue only affects some types of PDF.

We have had reports from some users that they have experienced issues when trying to open a PDF in Blackboard.  The PDF opens but only the first page appears and a log in box also appears on the page.

We have looked into the issue and there is a known issue with Chrome where the “in site” cookies do not pass to PDFs when they open.  What this means is that the PDF does not know the student is logged into Blackboard.

Enter username and password (sometimes works)
Right click and save as/download (always works)
Use Firefox (always works)
We will be looking into this issue and will provide an update if there is a better resolution.

Daily drop-ins and upcoming webinars

We are still running our daily drop-ins (3pm on working days, no need to book, ask us anything).

In addition we have webinars coming up in the next couple of weeks:

  • 13 Oct, 11am – Advanced Blackboard course design
  • 14 Oct, 11am – Engaging online discussions
  • 14 Oct, 3.15pm – Introduction to Blackboard Annotate
  • 19 Oct, 1pm – Marking online using Blackboard marks and feedback extension
  • 20 Oct, 1pm – Introduction to creating and managing tests in Blackboard
  • 21 Oct, 11am – Advanced Blackboard course design
  • 21 Oct, 1.30pm – Blackboard basics

Details and booking on the DEO events page

Attendance groups now updating

The integration that assigns students to attendance groups in Blackboard, based on timetabling data, has not been updating since Monday. (These groups are shown in Blackboard with “{S}” at the start of their name.)

The integration between Timetabling and Blackboard has been fixed.

You should now see the up to date list of students in your {S} groups in Blackboard.   Any changes to the timetabled groups in your unit this week will now be reflected on Blackboard.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.