Automatic captions in Re/Play are now active

From January 2022, captions will be automatically added to all new content in Re/Play. Note that these captions are not designed to meet the requirement for accessibility for students who need them to study – students in this situation should always talk to Disability Services in the first instance as there is separate support in place for them. 

For recorded lectures, captions will be added to content once they are published, which is usually 48 hours after recording. This 48-hour window allows for any minor edits to the video to be made, before captions are timestamped. This will prevent them being out of synch with the content. Content manually uploaded to Re/Play will have captions added automatically once uploaded. They should be available a short time after upload, almost always within 24 hours. 

This video from the DEO explains the process in under 3 minutes.

Editing captions 

No automatically generated captions will be perfect, however. It is very common to see errors in automatically generated captions, but in the main they will be understandable. Setting expectations for how students should use captions is important: captions should enhance the learning experience rather than provide an alternative to the lecture. Students should always be using handouts, readings, and other course materials to check important terminology.  

Because the AI software ‘learns’ over time, however, editing errors can really help to improve accuracy in the long run. If you want to check and edit your captions, it’s easy to do so. Look for the ‘Edit Captions’ button in Re/Play under the recording you want to work on.  

Screenshot identifying the edit caption option in Mediasite









Then, select any text in the captions in the left-hand editing bar to change it. Notice the ‘find’ and ‘replace’ buttons too, which should help you check any key terminology quickly. Remember to ‘save’ regularly, and always before you leave the editor.  

Screenshot showing the captioning editor










What to do if you need more help 

If you find that your captions are so inaccurate they are unusable, or that it would take a long time to edit them, please contact the DEO so that we can help. We will soon have a small team of student caption editors who will be able to help edit captions when needed. They will be allocated on a first come basis, but also taking into account urgency and impact (eg, lectures which are critical for an exam, or recordings that will be used again by a large number of students).   

We have also set up a university-wide task and finish group to review process and support for the use of auto-generated captions, exploring approaches to improve captions where quality is low and assessing impact on roles and workload. Your faculty education director will be able to raise issues to this group, so please contact them with any feedback or concerns. 

[Resolved] Editing lecture recordings still causing playback issues

This is an update of a previous post regarding the same issue.

We are aware of some instances where editing a Re/Play lecture recording using the Re/Play editor has caused playback issues with the video. Our supplier has identified a bug in the current version of the software, but an update last weekend has failed to fix it. We are now working with our supplier to urgently identify the problem. We will send out further information when the bug has been fixed and tested.

For now, the best solution is to avoid editing any recordings from a lecture. However, if you do have a video that urgently needs editing, please contact for further help.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

[Closed] Re/Play area slow to load or timing out

This has now been resolved – please see the update blog post for more details. 

We have had reports of the Re/Play catalogue areas of some courses being very slow to load, or timing out before loading successfully. We are working with our supplier to identify a cause and restore good access as soon as possible.

This does not appear to be a widespread issue, but if it is affecting you or your students we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


[Closed] Editing lecture recordings causing playback issues

There is an update to this issue, which can be found in this post from 01.12.21

We are aware of some instances where editing a Re/Play lecture recording using the Re/Play editor has caused playback issues with the video. Our supplier has identified that this is related to a bug in the current version of the software, which will be fixed with an automatic update this week. Therefore, from the 27th of November this should no longer occur.

If you have experienced this issue, have a video which won’t play after editing, or have a video that urgently needs editing before the 27th November, please contact for further help.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

[Resolved] Re/Play recordings not appearing in My Re/Play

From the 8th November until 11am on the 9th of November, several lecture recordings made via Re/Play were delayed in moving from the in-room recorder boxes to My Re/Play. Our supplier identified the fault as being within the data centre, and it was fixed as of 11am on the 9th.

Recordings are now being moved from the boxes to My Re/play, and staff members will receive an email as usual when their recordings are available. If your recording from the morning of the 9th has not yet become available, we apologise for this delay in accessing your recordings. They will be restored to you as soon as possible.

We understand that delays in accessing recordings can be very problematic and apologise again for any inconvenience this may have caused.