Re/Play video caption glossary

Automatically-generated captions appear on all video presentations recorded using Re/Play. There are many reasons captions may be inaccurate, especially when using subject-specific language. Inaccurate captions affect readability and could potentially provide misleading information. To reduce the frequency of these inaccuracies, a glossary of mis-transcribed words will be supplied to our caption provider and updated periodically. This glossary will be applied to all Re/Play presentations.

Please use the link to the form below to suggest words to add to the glossary:

If you have any further questions, or would like to submit multiple words to the glossary as a spreadsheet, please email

Live captions

Guidance is available for providing live captions in PowerPoint. By enabling this feature, the spoken content of your presentation is temporarily captioned and displayed on students’ personal devices, which can be viewed in their preferred language. This not only helps students understand lecture content more effectively but assists them in retaining information and actively participating in discussions.

While live captions in PowerPoint can greatly benefit students with English as an additional language, it is important to note that students with disabilities may have separate requirements. If you have a student who has expressed a need for live captions due to a disability, please ask them to contact Disability Services.

Re/Play – caption updates

Full transcripts of Re/Play presentations are now available for staff to download. These text files can be downloaded by selecting Download to Computer in a presentation when viewing it in My Re/Play. Transcripts can be accessed by either the presentation owner or anyone with editor or moderator rights.  

You may now notice a tag appearing for some presentations, which says ‘edited captions’. A team of Student Caption Editors have been working in the DEO to correct automatic speech recognition errors in some Re/Play presentations.  

If you, or someone else in your school, is editing captions, you can now also add the ‘edited captions’ tag in the Information tab in My Re/Play. These tags will be visible to both students and staff in Re/Play collections, and help students to recognise which captions are likely to be more accurate. Ideally, all captions should be checked for key terminology and usability.  

[Closed] Re/Play edits failing to save

This issue has been resolved by a bug fix implemented on the 18th March 2023.

We are aware of an issue affecting staff when attempting to save edits within Re/Play – after completing the edits on the timeline and clicking ‘Save Video’, the edits fail to save.

The Digital Education Office is working with the supplier to resolve the issue. If you urgently need to make edits to a video, please email and include a link to the recording in question.