[Resolved] Re/Play edits failing to save

This update relates to problems with Editing in Re/Play

The issue whereby some edits made in Re/Play returned a ‘fail’ error was acknowledged as a bug by the supplier. A fix for this bug was implemented on the 18th March. DEO testing and monitoring suggests that this fix was successful.

The supplier has notified us that sometimes the fail message was returned in error, when edits had in fact saved successfully. If you received an error message previously, it may be that your edits have already been saved. You should be able to see from the video playback whether your edits have or haven’t saved successfully. Please contact us at digital-education@bristol.ac.uk if you are unsure, or need further guidance.

Please note that if you edit the video while the captions are being generated, this can cause the captions to fail. They will then need to be requested again which can be done through the My RePlay area in Blackboard. Captions are automatically generated when the recording is made available to students. It can take up to 24 hours for the captions to generate.

If you have any questions please email digital-education@bristol.ac.uk

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