Video guides on how to submit assignments and access marks and feedback 

Within Blackboard there are 2 assignment types, Blackboard and Turnitin. These short videos show you how to submit assignments and access marks and feedback.

How to submit an assignment to Blackboard

How to submit Turnitin assignments to Blackboard

How to access marks and feedback through Blackboard

How to access marks and feedback through Turnitin

For problems or questions relating to submitting assignments or accessing marks and feedback students should contact their School Office in the first instance.

Controlling display of course listings in “My Courses”

Since 2012 previous year’s versions of SITS unit courses have been automatically retained on Blackboard, so staff and students can have easy access to these where appropriate.

Following the annual course roll-over at the start of August, you will be able to see previous as well as current versions of unit courses, clearly identified by a year suffix in the course ID and name, eg:

Course ID                           Course name
BIOL11000                          Biology 1A Diversity of Life 11_12
BIOL11000_2012_13          Biology 1A: Diversity of Life 12_13
BIOL11000_2013                Biology 1A: Diversity of Life 2013
BIOL11000_2014                Biology 1A: Diversity of Life 2014

BIOL11000_2015                Biology 1A: Diversity of Life 2015


This year all 2014 courses will by default remain available to students – in previous years staff could make the courses available to students if they wished. 

Staff can easily make multiple courses unavailable to students, if required, using the Qwickly tool on their Blackboard home page.

Staff and students can choose to group each year’s courses under separate headings in the “My Courses” box on your Blackboard Home tab. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Move your mouse to the top right of the My Courses box on your Blackboard home page and click on the small cog wheel icon.
  2. On the page that opens, under “1. Terms”, tick “Group by Term”
  3. Note that you can also choose which courses and terms you want displayed, and whether you want to see course names, course IDs, or both.
  4. When you have finished click “Submit”
  5. Here is a 25-second video on how to use group courses using terms.

I don’t appear to be enrolled on the correct Blackboard course. What should I do?

  1. If you are not enrolled on a Blackboard course for a unit you are studying, please first check that you are registered for the unit (via MyBristol – Course info tab – unit registration, or at, and allow 24 hours after unit registration is complete.
  2. In Blackboard a course space is created for all units. However, not all academics use Blackboard to support their teaching. So please check with your lecturer to ensure that they are using Blackboard and that they have made the course available.
  3. If you have checked that you are enrolled on the unit, and your lecturer has confirmed they are using Blackboard and has made the course available, but you still cannot see the course in Blackboard, please contact

How do I look at my grades or check my submissions?

Check submissions

  1. When you submit your assignment you will see an onscreen confirmation and receive an email receipt
  2. If you see a message saying “This file is being converted. The estimated waiting time is … seconds” your submission will have been registered but you may need to refresh the page to see it.

Look at grades and feedback

  1. From your Blackboard home page, in the Tools menu click My Grades.  A link to My Grades can also be found in most Blackboard courses
  2. Click on the relevant course and find the assignment
  3. Click on the assignment link to see your submission or access feedback (if this has been provided)

Video guides on how to access feedback

Accessing feedback for Blackboard assignments (2 mins)

Accessing feedback for Turnitin assignments (2 mins)



What is Blackboard ?

Blackboard is the centrally supported online learning environment for the University of Bristol. Blackboard provides a range of tools to support communication, collaboration, and assessment activities as well as easy access to reading lists and course materials.