Re/Play ‘Record Now’ for ad hoc recording

As part of our summer programme of work on Re/Play, we have now launched the new podium PC app for the recorders in equipped rooms, ‘Record Now’. You can use this application to record sessions in rooms where the activity is not timetabled to be recorded.

1. Log in to the room’s PC and click the icon to run ‘Record Now’.
2. Give a title to the presentation.
3. Choose how long to record for (the default is 55 minutes, but this can be adjusted in 5-minute intervals).
4. Choose how and what you want to record:

  • ‘Slides’ records a slow frame rate – not suitable for video playback or animation
  • ‘Video’ is suitable for video playback, animation and on-screen pointers
  • ‘Camera’ (if available) will record you as well as your slides.

5. Pause or end the recording early by pressing ‘Pause Recording’ or ‘Stop Recording’. You can also use the lectern button to do this (short press to pause/restart, long press to stop).
6. Your recording will appear in ‘My Re/Play’.

For an illustrated version of this guidance please follow this link

Please email with any queries.

Qwickly Course Tools slow to load

We have had reports of the slow loading of the Qwickly Course Tools on the Blackboard home page and we are investigating this with the supplier. If you are experiencing problems using the tool to change your course availability for students, you can also set course availability by clicking the ‘padlock’ icon at the top right of the banner bar in your course:

The Qwickly Attendance tool, accessed in courses, remains unaffected. Please see the guidance on how to manage and record teaching attendance using Qwickly.

Student Support from the Digital Education Office – information for staff

Over the last year, the Digital Education Office (DEO) has been working with students via our Student Digital Champions to create support materials, to consolidate and update the various places students can get help with their digital education, and to deliver digital skills training. 

You can now point your students towards:  

  • Learning Online – Student Support for guides, resources and links for students to support their digital learning.
  • Digitally Ready. A digital induction course for new students or those who need to refresh their basic digital skills.
  • Digitally Ready: Reflect and Reboot – A self-reflective skills building course for returning students. 
  • DigiTalk: The student blog of the Digital Education Office, for all things digital education from a student perspective.  

We also have a team of Student Digital Champions who are working with us to channel the student voice into our work, as well as co-creating resources and solutions around the student digital learning experience. Students with ideas, concerns or feedback can talk to their course reps in the first instance, who should be in regular contact with our Student Digital Champions.  

Useful start of term Digital Education links for staff

  1. Using Microsoft Teams for teaching  
  2. Hybrid teaching and live streaming 
  3. Re/Play – including adding videos to Blackboard and captioning 
  4. Build and maintain relationships online – 10 ideas (Word) 
  5. Synchronous online sessions – including tips for effective and engaging breakout groups 
  6. Organise Blackboard sites clearly – course design tips and guidance 
  7. Make your Blackboard course available to students 
  8. Tools and software – Mentimeter Pro and H5P newly available 
  9. Online assessment – planning and running tests, online submissions and other types of online assessment 
  10. Training and support – what’s available from the Digital Education Office, including upcoming training webinars and drop-ins 

For queries, email 

Re/Play – upgrade completed successfully

The upgrade of Re/Play completed successfully overnight.

Initial testing indicates that the service is performing well. Most materials are now available but some more recently added content will be moved across during Saturday 18th September. During Saturday the search function will also be patchy as the moved materials need to be re-indexed to make them searchable. Both the moving of new materials and search function should be complete by Monday 20th.

Please avoid uploading new materials to the Re/Play service on Saturday 18th September to allow the upgrade and maintenance work to complete fully.

Re/Play downtime – Saturday 18th September, 12am-4am

On 18 September, Mediasite will be moving our Re/Play service to a new data centre to provide an increase in service reliability and to support our live streaming provision; this work will take place between 12am and 4am. During this period, Re/Play will not be available for use. Although the service will be available after this time, for the duration of Saturday 18th September the service should be viewed as at risk, and just used as read-only. We cannot guarantee that any changes made during Saturday will be saved or that any recordings made will be uploaded to the service.

If you have any questions, please email

H5P is now available to staff – create quizzes and learning materials

H5P is now available to all staff through Blackboard. H5P uses attractive templates to create quizzes, interactive learning resources and presentations. H5P content can be embedded into Blackboard or added as a standalone link to pass marks into the Grade Centre.

H5P provides examples and tutorials for its various templates, you can read more in our guide to creating and embedding H5P resources.

Take a look at our H5P page for an overview of the tool. If you have any questions, please email

New staff development webinar: How to effectively use Mentimeter Pro in your teaching

Mentimeter has been a popular tool for interaction over the past 18 months and the University now has a Mentimeter Pro licence available for staff. Mentimeter is an online polling software that can be used to present live or asynchronous polls, quizzes and word clouds. It can be used for in person or hybrid sessions, as well as for online teaching either synchronously or asynchronously. The DEO will be running training on how to use Mentimeter Pro effectively in your teaching over the next few months.

Our first webinar, run by Naomi Beckett and Sophie Shippen, will be on the 22nd September from 10:30am – 11:30am on MS Teams. All the details, and information on signing up can be found on the DEO Events page.
More information about Mentimeter, and guidance on setting up your own account can be found on the DEO website.

If you have any further questions, please contact