Problems uploading submissions to Turnitin using the Safari browser

We have recently identified problems when trying to upload submissions to Turnitin using the Safari browser (version 12.0) where the upload appears to hang and never completes.

We have three recommendations to fix this issue.

  1. Try working in a different browser, both Chrome and Firefox can be downloaded and used on a Mac.
  2. Clear the cache on your browser. You can find guidance on how to do this by going to
  3. You can also follow these instructions to change the settings in Safari Preferences:
    1. Go to Safari Preferences > Privacy Tab > Manage Website Data.
    2. Look for and remove the three cached websites listed below:
  • or
  1. Close and reopen Safari.
  2. Try submitting again.


Editing problems with Re/Play service

The Re/Play service is experiencing problems when members of staff are attempting to edit recordings.

After completing the edits on the timeline and clicking ‘Commit’, only ‘Commit to New’ is visible rather than the expected three options. The Digital Education Office has raised this with the software supplier. The problem has been identified and a fix is being prepared. We are now awaiting final results of the testing and a date for installing it on to our system.

We would advise staff not to attempt editing of recordings until this is in place. If your recording contains anything sensitive that should not have been recorded, please contact