Blackboard deep link generators – old links may need updating

Our Deep Link Generator and External User Deep Link Generator allow you to create direct links to Blackboard Course and Organisation pages, which will send people to the correct page even if they are not already logged in to Blackboard. These are primarily used for emailing links to specific pages in Blackboard to students and staff. 

We have had to update these tools, following a recent change to the authentication method used by the University.  Please note that you may need to refresh your browser cache to see the updated version of the tool. 

Any links created prior to the August 3rd using these tools will need to be updated. You can do this by recreating the links using the updated tools: Deep Link Generator, External User Deep Link Generator 

If you are not sure whether a link needs updating, you can test it by clicking on the link (broken links will always result in an error). If you don’t have the original link, you can find it by following the simple steps in this video:  

Text Version of Guide

If you have a large number of links that need updating, or have any questions, please contact us via 

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