Re/Play Desktop Recorder is replaced by Mosaic

If you currently use Desktop Recorder

Desktop Recorder is no longer technically supported by our supplier, and no longer functions with our systems as it isn’t compatible with the newest version of our Re/Play software. It is now being retired, and we recommend switching to Mosaic as soon as you can.

What is the new screen recording tool, Mosaic?

This summer, we introduced the new tool Mosaic screen capture, which you can use to record anything you can see on your screen, alongside audio and, if chosen, video from a webcam. It’s a very easy-to-use software with essentially just three buttons, to choose your inputs – microphone, webcam and which window or display to capture. If you choose a window and a webcam, both will appear side by side in the video.

Mosaic then automatically uploads your videos to your My Re/Play area. Log into Blackboard and click on the My Re/Play link as usual. Once in My Re/Play, you can edit the videos, add captions and set the permissions of your recordings.

There are of course also many alternatives for creating pre-recorded videos, including narrated PowerPoint presentations or using Camtasia for anything more complex.

See our guidance on Pre-recording lectures to help decide which is right for you.

Mediasite Mosaic Screenshot

Image of a computer with the Mediasite Mosaic interface, showing a presenter next to a windows screen. © Sonic Foundry 2021

How to install Mosaic

Mosaic is available for Windows 10 and Mac OSX 7.4 and newer. Follow this link to install Mosaic and register it to get started. Note that you should use this link in your web browser and not from within the My/Replay area in Blackboard, for the best experience.

If you have an older version of macOS, or have trouble downloading the software, get in touch with us at and we’ll help you find a solution.

Use Mosaic to automatically import video files to Re/Play

As Mosaic is connected to My Re/Play, you can also use it to automatically import any video files from your computer to your Re/Play – for example, recordings made in other tools like Teams or Zoom. To do this, you set up what’s called a ‘watch folder’, which Mosaic ‘watches’ for new content to add to Re/Play.

Find out how to set up a watch folder for Windows and for Mac OS.


If you have any questions or further information, contact the Digital Education Office.

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