The “Quick Tools” in Blackboard will be unavailable between 1:00 pm on 3 January and 12:00 noon 4 January

The “Quick tools” feature (pictured below) will be temporarily unavailable between 1:00 pm on 3 January and 12:00 noon 4 January. This is to allow us to update the tool. No other features of Blackboard are affected.
Quick Tools - Course Availability for Students and Post Announcements to Multiple Courses

 The “Quick Tools” allow instructors to post announcements to multiple courses and toggle course availability for students. These actions can still be performed within individual courses during this brief update period. See: 

Blackboard planned maintenance – service at risk 9 pm Sunday 14 October to 9 am Monday 15 October

We are planning a minor update to Blackboard between 9 pm on Sunday 14 October and 9 am on Monday 15 October. We will confirm the maintenance following further testing of the update. If we can proceed with the work, there will be unavailability over this period and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. This update will, amongst other things, make it possible for students to download annotated copies of their marked assignments from Box View.

Blackboard Ally

We are delighted to announce that Blackboard Ally will be available from Monday 24th September. Ally is a new tool which improves the accessibility of content uploaded to Blackboard for all users, including those with disabilities.

This video shows how Ally works to improve the student experience, save staff time and give the University an insight into how it meets its legal requirements for accessibility.

Ally automatically converts uploaded content into a variety of accessible alternative formats, such as audio, tagged PDF and ebook. Staff will see a small colour-coded meter icon next to uploaded content; clicking this icon will provide guidance on how to improve accessibility and provide quick ways to amend the uploaded content.

Accessibility score icons

Students do not see the accessibility score icons and will only ever see links to the automatically-created alternative formats.

Having accessible content benefits all students by providing formats that meet their needs. Additionally, new legislation coming into force requires all public sector websites, intranet pages and downloadable content to have accessible alternatives after 23rd September 2018. VLEs like Blackboard are included in this legislation, so we’re pleased to provide a tool to ensure Blackboard complies with this while taking pressure off University staff to meet requirements.

Our Blackboard Ally page contains links to guides and videos. If you have any comments or further questions, please contact us via