Issues with feedback in Turnitin Grademark

Some staff and/or students may have noticed issues with feedback provided in Turnitin Grademark over the past day or so. We have reported these to Turnitin and they have today responded as follows:
 “Some users have reported a display issue with the downloaded PDF format of their Originality and GradeMark reports. The text may be misaligned, and some highlights or GradeMark comments may be missing, also within GradeMark reports the voice comments are inaccessible possibly due to a save error. Our engineering team is currently investigating the issue, and any updates will be provided as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.”
 Until we hear back from Turnitin that the issues are fixed we suggest that:

1. Staff use only text feedback (not audio)
2. Students view their feedback online rather than on printout


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