Blackboard course rollover 2016

Blackboard course (unit) rollover will take place on 1 August 2016. We recommend that staff do not edit 2015/16 courses after 5 pm on Friday 29 July, as changes made after this time may not be copied into the 2016/17 courses. All 2016/17 courses should be available to staff by 2 August.

Mediasite links will automatically be added to those 2016/17 courses which have Mediasite links in 2015/16 courses. The links will automatically update to the associated 2016/17 catalogue, where the Mediasite recordings are surfaced for students to view, once live.

Turnitin assignments will be copied into 2016/17 courses, but given new start, end, and post dates – so these will need to be changed before making the courses available to students. Note that Turnitin set an expiry date for all assignments in a course that is six months after the course creation date (ie 31 January 2017), after which all Turnitin assignments in the course will become read-only. This expiry date is automatically changed to the latest post date of any Turnitin assignment in the course – so it is worth adjusting the dates as early as possible.

A table showing details of how Blackboard course elements are copied during rollover can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact

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