Windows update to Lecture theatres / Teaching and Study Space PCs

We have had the following communication from IT services that is of note to all those intending to use the PCs in lecture theatres this coming week, particularly if you are going to be using files from your shared drive for the lecture.  If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact IT services.

We would like you to be aware that the majority of the Lecture Theatres and Teaching and Study Space PCs have now been updated to Windows 10.

In order to simplify the structure of our network storage, which provides various benefits to the organisation, we no longer connect people to specific filestore folders (network/mapped drives).

We STRONGLY advise anyone who uses a machine of this type to check prior to use that they can access any files they need.

Various methods can be used to access files :

•             OneDrive is easily available on all Windows 10 machines

•             Network folders are available in File Explorer under : This PC / UoB network folders (you will have to navigate from here to your own area)

A USB stick can be used as a fall back, however the methods above are preferred as they are more secure.

More information about finding your files can be found at:

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