Important message for staff marking group assignments using B1 workflow – issue affecting feedback files

This message is for staff  marking group assignments using EMA workflow B1 (the marks and feedback batch upload tool in Blackboard).

There is currently an issue affecting feedback files for group assignments only (group assignments are where one student submits on behalf of a group). Students may get an error message when trying to open feedback files which have been batch uploaded using the B1 workflow.  This has been reported to Blackboard and they are working on a fix urgently.

We recommend not uploading feedback files for group assignments using workflow B1 until this is fixed. Feedback files can still be added using the standard Blackboard method as described in marking instructions for EMA workflow B2.  We will update this blog as soon as we have further information from Blackboard.

If you have any questions please contact the Digital Education Office. However please be aware that the Digital Education Office is operating at extremely limited capacity at present due to industrial action.  This is impacting both our response times and ability to respond to certain requests due to lack of specialist knowledge available.

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