Some Blackboard submission points not currently available to students

Last week, the data in Syllabus+ was changed from the 19-20 to the 20-21 academic year, ahead of the August 1 rollover. Consequently, the student groups automatically created in Blackboard courses from this data were also updated. This means that any submission points that were controlled by adaptive release for these groups will no longer be available to the 19-20 students. We are working on resetting these groups. In the meantime, to make the marks and feedback in any affected submission points available to students in Blackboard, please make the relevant column in the Grade Centre available to students, and provide them with a link to “My Grades” in the Blackboard course.

Please accept our apologies for this unexpected issue.

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed. The 19-20 groups in Blackboard have now been reset with the correct student enrolments.

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