Incident management for the reassessment period

As mentioned in today’s Education and COVID-19 bulletin (no 73) , the full process for incident management during the reassessment period is now available.  Staff should familiarise themselves with the process particularly around stakeholder engagement, communication with affected students and reporting and escalation.  Below is a summary of key actions.


  • Ensure local back-up plans are in place and students are aware what they should do in the event of an incident

In the event of an incident:

  • Individual student:  for technical issues refer student to the Blended Learning Team helpdesk (tel: +44 (0) 117 374 2833 or email: for non-technical issues refer the student to the School Office.
  • Exam level:
    • Implement agreed backup plans.
    • Communicate to affected students via agreed routes stating you are aware of the issues and informing them of what they should do.  If you are unsure of these, contact your School Office.
    • Contact the Exams Office if you think you may need to reschedule the exam.
    • Inform your FED of the nature of the incident and resolution.
  • Major incident: check the IT Status page and DEO blog in the first instance, if there is nothing reported, contact the DEO.
  • Report the incident to your FED and FEM so they are aware of the exams and students that have been affected and can coordinate the response via Silver (assessments).
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