Re/Play ‘Record Now’ for ad hoc recording

As part of our summer programme of work on Re/Play, we have now launched the new podium PC app for the recorders in equipped rooms, ‘Record Now’. You can use this application to record sessions in rooms where the activity is not timetabled to be recorded.

1. Log in to the room’s PC and click the icon to run ‘Record Now’.
2. If prompted to log on please use the Grey Authenticate button NOT the link to Mediasite log in.
3. Give a title to the presentation.
4. Choose how long to record for (the default is 55 minutes, but this can be adjusted in 5-minute intervals).
5. Choose how and what you want to record:

  • ‘Slides’ records a slow frame rate – not suitable for video playback or animation
  • ‘Video’ is suitable for video playback, animation and on-screen pointers
  • ‘Camera’ (if available) will record you as well as your slides.

6. Pause or end the recording early by pressing ‘Pause Recording’ or ‘Stop Recording’. You can also use the lectern button to do this (short press to pause/restart, long press to stop).
7. Your recording will appear in ‘My Re/Play’.

For an illustrated version of this guidance please follow this link

Please email with any queries.

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