Re/Play: preparing for your Teaching Block 2 recordings

As part of your planning for TB2, don’t forget that you can request changes to what is recorded within Re/Play. As standard, we only record the audio and the slides of your lectures, but other options are available:

  • Video Capture – if you use moving images or the visualiser as part of your teaching, you can request a faster capture which give smoother playback of moving images (eg your hand and writing).
  • Camera Capture – in a number of our equipped rooms, we have cameras installed to capture the chalk or white boards in addition to the screen. If you use these as an integral element of your teaching, you can ask for this to be enabled.
  • Live Streaming – if you need to stream what is being recorded in the room to students unable to attend in person, you can request this option, with the stream link available in Blackboard at the same time as the session.

If you would like to request any of the above, please email the IT Service Desk with the unit code at least 48 hours before the lecture.

If you have any questions, please email the Digital Education Office.

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