[Update] Ownership permissions of Re/Play Recordings

This is an update to the issue first identified on the 28 January, where some staff were unable to view their recordings in Re/Play.

Access to recordings has now been restored for staff with units in Teaching Block 2 and staff should now be able to view their recordings as normal in their My Re/Play areas. Please note that there may be some instances where permission is not correct – for example where someone who is not the default owner was previously given access – as the permissions have been restored based on the data we have centrally.

If you find that the permissions for recordings are not correct, please contact the DEO. We thank you again for your help with ensuring permissions are as they need to be for your individual situation.

Access for staff who taught units in TB1 is not yet fully restored, so we continue to ask for your patience with access to edit recordings from TB1. Students are able to access playback of all recordings, as normal, and no recordings have been lost. Access for staff will be restored as soon as possible, but if you urgently need to edit a recording from TB1 please contact the DEO with details so that we can assist you.

We thank you again for your understanding regarding this issue; we are receiving a high number of queries related to this and the team are working hard to reply to everyone as soon as possible.



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