Updates to Mentimeter

As we conclude 2023, we wanted to do a quick round-up of our Mentimeter news from the year. We’d also like to remind staff that we have a campus-wide license for Mentimeter, which anyone can sign up to.

This year we have seen our biggest surge of users on Menti, jumping to just under 2000 on our campus-wide license, and another 1000 still using their free accounts. We’ve had some great feedback from staff and students on their use of Menti and are looking forward to hearing about more best-practice examples in 2024.  

Below we have noted down some Menti news and new features that we thought users may find useful. As ever, if you have any questions about using Mentimeter, please contact the Digital Education Office. 

Menti Academy 

Mentimeter have developed a series of online self-paced courses for users to complete as part of their continued professional development (CPD). You can improve your presentation skills while at the same time learn more about using Mentimeter in your teaching and training. We have added a number of these courses to the Develop website so you can keep all your CPD in one place.  

Menti app in MS Teams  

You can now share your Mentimeter presentations directly in a Teams meeting without having to switch to a browser. Participants can also interact with your presentation in the meeting window, instead of having to go to Menti.com and enter a code. 

Image taken from mentimeter.com


More information about adding the app to Teams, presenting and participating can be found on this ‘Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams’ page. 

New functionality in Mentimeter


You can now add gifs to your presentations as well as images. This is a great add on to graphs and makes results look fun and engaging. Users can learn more about how to do this by going to this Mentimeter website page. 

Segmentation analysis

If your presentation contains several multiple-choice questions, you can use the segmentation function to display results grouped by how participants answered a previous question. Segmentation of results can be useful for spotting trends in responses. 

More information about using the segmentation functions can be found on this ‘Segmentation of votes’ page. 

Image showing how segmentation works in Mentimeter

Image taken from mentimeter.com

Participants voting on openended questions

You can now allow participants to vote on responses given to open-ended questions. Participants can post their responses as usual, then they can vote on each other’s submissions.  

More information about enabling the voting function can be found on this ‘Open ended questions’ page.

Mentimeter – campus wide licence 

You can easily move your free account over to our campus wide licence by going to our website page. Please ensure your UoB email matches your Mentimeter email exactly before you upgrade. You can change your email in Menti by going to the profile icon in the top right of the Mentimeter home page and clicking on Settings. 

If you have any further queries about using Mentimeter, please email digital-education@bristol.ac.uk 


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