Mobile Authentication improvements

Dear Students and Staff

We are happy to announce the following improvements to the Blackboard mobile app:

  1. You will now login to Blackboard using the Blackboard Mobile app, which means the login boxes will be the proper size (no more zooming in on your phone, just type in your username and password)

  2. The app can remember your login (removing the need to login on your phone over and over again).  One small caveat, if you are using a mobile device that you share with others (ie a tablet) you should disable this – click Settings, Privacy, Remember password

  3. Push notifications which alert you when … will work more effectively.  When you get a mobile notification and click on it – you will be taken to the app, and directed to the part of Blackboard that generated the notification (until now clicking on a notification took you to the main menu of Blackboard.)

If you are able to edit Blackboard courses or organisations you will now be able to add announcements and items to your course using your mobile.

Announcements – Simply click “Add”, give it a subject and description, then click “Post” to submit it to the course.

Items – exactly the same as Announcements but you can also click attach to add files (you have lots of options of where to get things to attach – your phone, dropbox, google drive etc.  It copes with most files and will convert unusual things (Google docs etc) into a pdf.


Blackboard Notifications – update 4th October

In order to address the slow running of Blackboard we have taken the action of switching off the collection of Notifications (both web and mobile) on the advice of Blackboard and our colleagues in IS. Since making this change to the system we have not had any problems with the speed of the service.

We are currently addressing these problems and are hopeful that we will be able to switch the Notifications back on as soon as possible.

Apologies once again for any inconvenience caused by the slow running of the service earlier this week.

If you have any questions, please email

Blackboard Mobile Log in Problems – Update

Users may still be experiencing problems logging in to the Blackboard Learn Mobile App. Please note that this appears to be affecting a small percentage of users.

A solution if you are experiencing problems is to ensure you are using the latest version of the App and to delete and re install the App on your device.

We have also now raised this problem with the Blackboard Mobile team and we have a support call open with them to try and resolve any ongoing problems.

Apologies for any problems this may be causing. If you have any questions please email



Blackboard Mobile Learn is here

What is Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Blackboard Mobile Learn allows  staff and students access to their teaching and Learning materials on Blackboard whenever and wherever they are through their mobile device. Blackboard Mobile  is available in native mobile applications for most popular mobile platforms including including Android™, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® and BlackBerry®

What does it do?

Blackboard Mobile Learn is an extension of the University’s existing Virtual Learning Environment, Blackboard. By downloading the application much of the core content on your units will be available to you on your mobile device. Students and staff are able to access documents, use communication tools including discussion boards and announcements (staff), upload media to discussion boards and blogs and view grades and feedback.

Click here for demos

Does it make everything mobile?

Blackboard Mobile Learn makes a large number of the tools in Blackboard available to mobile users.  There are some differences in access to certain tools depending on the device you have. The link below details the features available to each device.

Applications and Features summary

Where do I get it?

Click on the link below and chose your device from the images.

Student and Staff download here

How do I access University of Bristol Blackboard?

Search for the University of Bristol and tap on the name displayed. When prompted enter your usual Blackboard ID and password.

What do I need to do to access my courses?

Nothing – the plug-in we have added to Blackboard manages the way you see the information on your mobile device across all of your units.

What does it cost?

Blackboard Mobile Learn is available as a free download. Once you have downloaded the application and are accessing Blackboard data costs will be applicable in line with the data package on your device.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

We have recently purchased the Blackboard Mobile Learn building block. Blackboard Mobile Learn makes the VLE accessible on mobile devices, without the need for interface or course redesign by staff.  Students can browse Blackboard in an interface designed to be used on mobile devices and participate in activities, add multimedia to blogs and discussion boards, view grades and check for alerts and updates to indicate recently marked work or activity in a group project.  Students will be able to browse reading lists and other information posted in Blackboard while in the library, prepare for seminars and group tutorials while on the bus or train and download and listen to podcasts and audio feedback on their way home.[1]  The additional functionality of Blackboard Mobile Learn could support off campus activities such as field trips.

For a sneak preview of how Blackboard Mobile Learn looks see:

Future updates on Blackboard Mobile Learn will be circulated to subscribers to our “BB Mobile” Category.

[1] A full specification of Blackboard Mobile Learn is available from: