30 April 2015 – Problem with QMP

There is currently an issue with Questionmark Perception (QMP) which is causing instability in the system. IT Services are investigating.  Users may experience errors and/or impact on performance. Users who have provided critical examination date information have been informed. If you have any other tests or exams scheduled we advise postponing these or using your backup, such as paper, until the system is back to normal. It may be necessary to take the system down at short notice, so users are advised not to use it until IT Services confirm it is back to normal.
Sorry for any disruption or inconvenience this may cause.
Updates will be provided by IT Services on the IT Services status page.


Critical Dates for TEL Systems

If you know the dates of your Critical Activity on Blackboard or QMP until the end of August 2015, please forward them to TEL-Help@bristol.ac.uk

Please provide the following information:

* Course ID or name

* Date and time of activity

* Type of activity e.g. Submission, Exam

(For online assessment activity could you please include the following code – M for mock, A for assessment and E for final exam)

* Number of students sitting the exam/Submitting

* Room name or number where the activity will take place, along with a contact number (if applicable)

* Contact Name and phone number

This information is vital for the TEL Team to plan system maintenance and upgrade.

Questionmark Perception maintenance 24th September 2014

The Questionmark Perception system will be unavailable on Wednesday 24th September 2014. The downtime is required for maintenance.

Thursday 25th will be an “at risk” period – we strongly recommend that you do not run any critical activities on this day. Please let us know (tel-help@bristol.ac.uk) if you have any critical activity that must run on this day.

Questionmark Perception Groups

Dear colleagues ,

This email is for Questionmark Perception administrators and anyone who manages student accounts and groups using Enterprise Manager.
For this coming academic year, we recommend that you use your existing group (s) where possible. If this is not possible, please email tel-help@bristol.ac.uk with the name of the new group along with the names of any colleagues who need access to this group, and we will create it for you. 
Renaming or editing groups is not recommended if you need to run reports against these groups with Reporting or Analytics. 
Please subscribe to the TEL blog to receive Questionmark updates and communication.
Kind regards

QMP upgrade – completed

The Questionmark Perception upgrade has been successfully completed and the service has now been resumed.

Upcoming examinations. We would recommend staff to check that their questions and assessments are working as expected before making exams available to students.

Upgrade of your local installation of Authoring Manager. Your local installation of the Authoring Manager will need to be upgraded to version 5.7. We are working with IT Services to arrange this to be done automatically. In the meantime, please use the Terminal Server. Instructions on how to access the Terminal Server can be found on the Authoring Manager Installation page.

If you need further help with this please email tel-help@bristol.ac.uk

Blackboard and QMP upgrades and other TEL developments

There are a number of technology enhanced learning (TEL) developments happening this year, including upgrades of both Blackboard and Questionmark during the summer. 

The Blackboard upgrade will take place between Tuesday 22nd July and Friday 25th July. Questionmark will be upgraded during the week beginning Monday 11th August.

Further information is on the TEL website.

Questionmark Authoring Manager running slowly.

We have received reports that Questionmark Authoring Manager is running very slowly. We have reported this problem to our technical support team who are in conversation with Questionmark.

If you do need to make changes to any tests you can still do this through Enterprise Manger accessible from http://qmp.bris.ac.uk/

We will provide all updates through this blog.

If you have any questions please email TEL-Help@bristol.ac.uk