Important information if changing Post Date in Turnitin Assignments

We have previously blogged about an issue whereby Turnitin hidden submission points become available to students after editing the assignment settings eg to change the Post Date. 

We have since seen two verified instances of marks temporarily being hidden from instructors in the Feedback Studio view for a short time (less than a minute) after moving the Post Date. The marks remain visible in the Assignment Inbox view. Both these issues are being investigated by Turnitin. 

Assignment inbox view (marks visible)


Feedback Studio view (marks not visible)

Workflow changes to minimise impact of these issues

To help avoid potential problems until Turnitin have resolved these issues, we recommend the following workflow if you need to move the Post-Date (eg to deanonymise work): 

  1. Move the Post-Date as normal.
  2. If the submission point should be hidden from students, make it unavailable again. Double-check the Grade Centre Column is still hidden from students.
  3. Go to the Assignment Inbox and open a few submissions. Check the marks appear in the Feedback Studio view.
  4. If the marks do not appear, close the Feedback Studio window, wait, refresh the page, and reopen. Our testing has shown marks reappear within less than a minute. If marks do not appear after ten minutes, please contact the DEO. 
  5. Sync grades as normal. 
  6. Double-check that the marks display correctly in the Grade Centre, the Assignment Inbox view and the Feedback Studio view. 

We apologise if you are affected by this. We will provide an update when we hear more from Turnitin. In the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact us. 

Turnitin submission point availability issues

We have had reports of Turnitin submission points becoming available to students when previously set to be unavailable. We have investigated and identified the cause of this issue: If the assignment settings are edited (eg to change the Post-Date) then the submission point will become available.  We have contacted Turnitin about this issue and are awaiting a response.

Until Turnitin have fixed the issue, if you need to edit assignment settings but keep submission points unavailable, when you have finished editing you should make the submission point unavailable again in the usual way, by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the submission point and selecting Make Unavailable.

A drop-down menu with Make Unavailable selected

Apologies for this. We will provide a further update when we have one from Turnitin. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.

10 Dec 9am – Turnitin service back to normal

Turnitin have informed us that the service is back to normal.  There was degradation which may have meant users were unable to view submissions and/or similarity reports, or may have experienced slowness when accessing the service between the following times:

Wednesday 9th December: 15:13 – 21:30 GMT.

Apologies for any disruption this may have caused.  Further information is available on the Turnitin service status page.

9 Dec 5pm – further Turnitin service disruption may affect viewing submissions or similarity reports

Turnitin have informed us that the service is experiencing further disruption.  You may find that you are unable to view submissions and/or Similarity Reports, or experience slowness when accessing the service.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

More information can be found on the Turnitin Status page

9 Dec 3pm – Turnitin service back to normal

Turnitin have informed us that the service is back to normal.  There was degradation which may have caused a delay in generation of similarity reports between the following times today, 9th December: 05:36 – 13:20 GMT.

Students were able to submit as normal, although previews of submissions may have taken longer than usual to appear.

Apologies for any disruption this may have caused.