Re/Play upgrade complete

We are pleased to confirm that Re/Play is now back online, the Digital Education Office and IT Services are still undertaking testing and the service will remain at risk.

There is still some indexing of content in the background which will effect recordings created after the 10th July being linked to a catalog. This will be completed by tomorrow morning and an update will be provided on this blog.

By upgrading to this version, we will benefit from new and improved features, including:

  • A better user interface and search function for staff in My Re/Play
  • An improved video management interface for staff
  • Dual video playback on mobile devices; this is for presentations that use two video sources created with the desktop recorder or with the video template in equipped lecture theatres
  • The ability to add quizzes into videos (both existing and new recordings)
  • Updated playback through better streaming

We will also be looking to evaluate the following –

  • Software solution for room capture
  • Inline annotation of videos for students
  • Inbuilt closed-captioning

We are continuing to extend the Re/Play service though our Re/Play extension project.

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