B1 Workflow (Bulk Download/Upload) – issue accessing feedback files

An issue has been identified with the Blackboard tool used to bulk upload feedback documents to students (using the B1 workflow). Students and staff may find that, after upload and release of feedback is complete, they do not have access to the feedback files.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Blackboard have been informed and are working to resolve the issue. If you are, or may be, affected by this and need advice, please contact the DEO – digital-education@bristol.ac.uk

Blackboard assignment display issue for Word files saved in Pages/LibreOffice

We have had a very small number of reports of issues with Box view incorrectly rendering and displaying some files, especially tables. The file itself can still be downloaded without issue.

We have carried out testing and confirmed with Blackboard that the issue only occurs when the student uses a non-Microsoft application such as LibreOffice or Pages to write/edit their work but then saves as a Microsoft Word document.

Depending on the marking workflow there are two ways around this issue.
1. If using B1 or similar workflows which downloads the file, the Box view can be ignored as the download is functioning correctly. The student may need some reassurance that their file has uploaded correctly – they can download from the Review page and check the file is correct there.
2. If using B2 or similar workflows which mark using the Box view, the student can be instructed to save as a PDF (rather than as a Word document) which, when uploaded, will render correctly in Box view.

Due to the very specific circumstances in which this occurs, we anticipate this only affecting an extremely small minority of submissions.